naive bayes explained

Naive Bayes Explained

Naive Bayes Explained: A simplification of the Bayes Theorem for Machine Learning applications. Learn all about it with this article!

The Lift Curve Code

The code to plot the Lift Curve in Python This little code snippet implements the function which allows you to plot the Lift Curve in Machine learning using Mat...

ROC Curve Python

The definitive ROC Curve in Python code Learn the ROC Curve Python code: The ROC Curve and the AUC are one of the standard ways to calculate the performance of ...

roc machine learning

ROC Machine Learning Explained

Learn all about ROC in Machine Learning, one of the best ways to discover the performance of classification algorithms!

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning: Principles and Techniques for Data Scientists Feature Engineering for Machine Learning: The following is a review of t...