Lost trying to discover how to learn Machine Learning?

It is an incredible time to learn about this technology, however, it is not always easy to do so: there are so many resources out there that it is not easy to distinguish the good from the time wasters.

The field is also in continuous evolution, meaning there is more and more stuff to learn.

Therefore, the motivation behind this blog is to clear the fog, and put at your disposal the best tools and resources to learn from: books, videos, courses, other blogs, datasets, interesting articles, tutorials, and a lot more to allow you to learn Machine Learning online.

There is no single best way to do this, so here you can find material to customise or adapt your education to your specific needs.

Also, if you have any question that you can’t find the answer to, want to know more about how to learn machine learning, or simply want to give us feedback, feel completely free to write to us at: howtolearnmachinelearning@gmail.com

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