The Best Books to learn Machine Learning

the best data books

There is a wide ocean of books to learn ML. For instance, there are programming books, books about algorithms, and also non-technical books that are great to sharpen your mind, data books on how to analyse it and create visualisations.

There are machine learning books for beginners , Python Programming books for experienced users who want to learn more, books about the mathematics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data books …

In this category you will find the best books to guide you in your learning process. Take a look at the different categories.

python programming books Python Books

Being comfortable with programming, be it in Python, R, Scala, or whatever language you prefer is very important for being able to implement Machine Learning solutions.

We have chosen Python as it is one of the easiest languages to learn, it has a huge community, and it is one of the most widespread languages for Machine Learning and Data Science.

The books in this first category, despite not including any content on Machine learning, will get you up and running with Python and you will be coding amazing programs in no time. Check them out here!

best machine learning books for beginners Books about Data Analysis

Being able to manipulate data with ease, clean it, and most importantly, extract relevant knowledge from it, is one of the key characteristics demanded in any Data Scientist or Machine Learning engineer.

Therefore, the books in this section have the goal of making you become a master of the three top Python libraries for Data Analysis and visualisation: Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib.

Discover how to use them to get the most clean, concise, and valuable information you can imagine out of your data. Take a look at our Data Analysis Books and find the best data books out there!

best machine learning python book The Best Machine Learning Books

Now that you know how to program in Python like a professional, and you’ve become familiar with how to analyse data and extract awesome insights from it, the moment that you were eagerly training for has arrived.

Finally, it is time to finally go for what you came here for: Mastering Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

The following books will get you familiar with the theory of machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, and how to use the most famous Python libraries for these kind of tasks: Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow. Check them out here!

best machine learning books 2020 Artificial Intelligence Books

To conclude, we have a list of books about Artificial Intelligence that are not so technical, but a bit more philosophical, almost like novels.

They tell stories, have metaphors and are a breeze of fresh air for your code bloated mind. Therefore, these are great to make us first understand the fields and where they are heading, and then, make us wonder and dream.

In addition, some of them speak about Machine Learning from the business perspective and from the application point of view. In conclusion, take a look to stimulate your mind with our category on Artificial Intelligence Books. Take a look at them over here!

Browse through these categories to find the book that you are looking for. From programming to Data Science and Machine Learning, the best resources to learn are here. If not, soon they will be.

artificial intelligence books 2021

We hope this books category with the best programming books in 2020, the top machine learning books out there, and some awesome AI books gives you enough material to learn from.

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