The best Machine Learning blogs

the best machine learning blogs for beginners

A list of the best blogs about Data Science and Machine Learning

In this section you will find the best blogs about Machine Learning and Data Science, along with a brief description of what their purpose is, their technical level, and what you will find in them. Keep tuned, as these blogs are updated regularly to bring you the best fresh content!

Enjoy this fantastic list of resources we have put together for you.

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KDNuggets is one of the most well known Machine Learning and Data Science blogs out there. It is continuously posting articles about all sorts of topics related to these fields: from easy hands-on explanation of algorithms, to complex projects or advice.

It contains a section with where to find many datasets, and a section about Artificial Intelligence related jobs and PhDs, so be sure to take a look!

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Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning mastery is another great blog for learning Machine Learning. Led by PhD Jason Brownlee, this blog is oriented towards helping developers and Machine Learning practitioners better understand the field, and accelerate their work.

Almost every article explains theoretical concepts using code examples, so that you can instantly see a practical application of what is being explained.

Machine Learning Plus

Machine Learning plus is similar to the previous blog, but even more programming oriented. While Machine Learning mastery provides and depth explanation with complementary code, Machine Learning plus centres the learning on the code, and surrounds it with theory about our favourite Machine Learning notions: PCA, different algorithms, Data Manipulation.

It has code examples both on R and Python, as long with Python Programming 101 and tutorials of the most used libraries for Data Analysis: Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, etc…

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Machine Learning from Scratch

Machine Learning from scratch is an awesome blog for practitioners, because it includes complex projects, focusing on how to implement them from end to end, which goes a little bit further than the normal theory with code tutorials we can find elsewhere.

It is not the best place to learn from zero, but if you have certain knowledge of the field of Artificial Intelligence and computer science you will enjoy this blog a lot. It has three main categories: Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Maths for ML, and a Medium-like feel that makes it very nice and easy to read.

Sanyam Bhutani’s blog

As a 2x Kaggle Grandmaster, Sanyam Bhutani is a self made authority in the world of Machine Learning. His blog contains interviews with some of the top personalities in the field, as well as awesome articles on how to start on Kaggle, tips and tricks, practical articles on NLP with, a very cool podcast to listen to, and a lot more. Take a look at it!

Data Science Central

Data Science Central is one of the best blogs about Data Science out there. From Statistics to Analytics to Machine Learning to AI, Data Science Central provides a community experience that includes a rich editorial platform, social interaction, forum-based support, plus the latest information on technology, tools, trends, and careers.

Data Science Central also offers webinars and a unique membership package that provides access to everything on the site for free. It has a forum and is a great resource for discussion, complex problem solving and research of different topics, although it is not the place you should head to if you are just starting.

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Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science is one of the largest Medium publications, dedicated to divulging Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning knowledge. In it you can find all kinds of articles: from simple 101 Tutorials about Models, algorithms and concepts, to explanations of scientific papers or complete end to end projects.

It is a machine learning blog for beginners and experts alike, as there is such a large volume of content and a wide variety of articles that anyone can learn something.

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Elite Data Science

Elite Data Science is a blog that is mainly oriented to guiding those who want to build a career in Data Science. It does not have the outstanding amount of theoretical articles that other blogs accumulate.

Instead, it orients future professionals towards the most essential knowledge and the industry de-facto tools for becoming a professional Data Scientist. You will directly be directed in the direction of real-world business value machine learning.


Revolutions is a blog dedicated to news and information of interest to members of the R community. This blog focuses on the latest news about AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, and is frequently updated. It is mostly oriented towards R users, but practitioners of other languages like Python can enjoy its contents too.

Peter Warden’s Blog

Peter Warden is an engineer, author of The Public Data Handbook and The Big Data Glossary for O’Reilly, builder of OpenHeatMap and the Data Science Toolkit, and other open-source projects.

His blog has amazing well-structured short articles that are informative and didactic, however, it is not a blog for beginners. The ML blog has no subsections, it is just a list of articles that are very interesting but that might escape out of the reach of those that are starting to learn about Data Science. Definitely a place for people with knowledge to devour, but not a resource to learn from scratch.

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Microsoft Machine Learning Blog

Microsoft’s Machine Learning blog is a resource that can serve many purposes. Structured as a simple list of articles ordered by date it contains from posts about how Machine Learning can improve business, where no tech background is needed, to articles about Deep Learning.

Most of the posts however, are oriented in the first manner: How can the field of Artificial Intelligence impact or improve specific scenarios, how or why implement Machine Learning in an organisation, and lots more.


QuantDare is a blog run by an Spanish Artificial Intelligence company, ETS Asset Manadgement , dedicated to advising investors on their movements and portfolios using AI.

It has a ton of fantastic articles that explain topics such as Bagging and Boosting, autoencoders, and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) using very clear examples and great graphic content. They also have specific content related to asset management or risk management using Machine Learning both in Python and R. Check it out, because it is a gem!

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Algorithmia’s Blog

Algorithmia is a company that provides a framework for deploying Machine Learning models. This is one of the most overlooked parts of Machine Learning: everybody focuses on studying the theory of the algorithms and getting great AUCs or accuracies, without ever bothering where the developed systems are going to be used, or how to provide real value with them.

For this to happen, the implemented algorithms have to be deployed and an infrastructure has to be created and maintained. Algorithmia’s blog speaks just about this: how to handle the life-cycle of a Machine Learning product and how to deploy it.

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Google Artificial Intelligence Blog

Google’s Artificial Intelligence blog is a very good resource for those who have an ongoing career on Artificial Intelligence and want to stay up to date with the newest advances.

On it, they publish articles about the latest news on the field, in a paper-like manner, which makes it hard to approach for people without a thorough understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. However, for those with some degree of expertise, this ML blog is gold.

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Just Understanding Data

Just understanding data is a really cool blog, focused on using Data to enhance and make the most out of your Marketing efforts. It contains many posts living at the intersection of data, statistics, and marketing. They also offer Data Engineering, Web Scraping, Data Science, and Digital Analytics services, so make sure to check them out if you need some help in any kind of project of this sort. You can contact them here.

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The Tensorflow Blog

The Tensorflow blogs is probably a more specialised blog than the previous ones we have cited on this list, as it basically provides in depth articles about only one framework: The awesome Tensorflow by Google. Despite of this, we think it is a very good resource to have in mind for those looking to start building projects with this tool. Enjoy it!

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AWS Machine Learning Blog

The AWS ML Blog is another great resource for those looking to take their theoretical skills and turn them into practical projects. Aside from covering all the news about the fantastic cloud platform that Amazon provides, they regularly post articles about specific uses of the tools like SageMaker and its different functionalities. Check it out the AWS Machine Learning blog!

Lilian Weng’s Blog

For those of you looking to read a blog that covers State of the Art concepts on Machine Learning Lilian Weng’s blog will fascinate you. It covers all kind of Machine Learning topics like Reinforcement learning, AutoML, Encoders, Neural Text Generation and a lot more.

Despite the content there not being in a constant flow (there is about 1 article per month), all the pieces of writing we will find there are awesome. Check it out!


ML Doodles

ML Doodles is a great blog, with amazing illustrations that is very friendly for those looking to learn the main concepts of Machine Learning in an intuitive, simply explained manner.

We think it is a great resource for beginners, and we specially like the section on Deep Learning, with greatly illustrated articles like this one: How to choose the most suitable activation function. Take a look!

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Aigents Blog

Aigents is a platform that provides a career community for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers & Developers. It includes handpicked and curated job offers, upcoming events and conferences of the Data world & training courses with detailed descriptions.

They have a fantastic blog with very good articles about the life of Data Scientists: from programming tips and tricks to how to start your Data Science journey, it contains a lot of very useful resources for those looking to start a career on the field. Check it out!

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How to Learn Machine Learning

How to learn Machine learning is not a normal kind of AI blog. Articles here are published frequently, but the main purpose of the web-page is to be a repository, a place where people willing to learn Machine Learning or to expand their knowledge can go to, not just to read top-quality articles, but also to find top-quality, analysed, and reviewed resources that they can use to kick-start or upgrade their level of learning. Definitely one of the best Machine learning blogs.

Thank you very much for browsing through our Machine Learning blogs category. We hope that you found enough websites and Data Science blogs to have unlimited quality reading material to learn from. Best of luck!

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