Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Learn about Explainable Artificial Intelligence, how to create explainable Machine Learning models, and Interpretable AI! Explainable Artificial Intelligence&nb...

Why take MOOC courses?

MOOCs, MOOC Courses, or Massive Open Online Courses have become very popular in the past few years. MOOcs are courses that are delivered online, and that genera...

What is The Turing Test?

Learn everything about the Turing test: its origin, evolution, critics and legacy! What do you think, can Machines think?

Udemy vs coursera data science

Udemy vs Coursera. Which is best?

What’s better Udemy or Coursera? the answer is: it depends on what you want. Lets see why we would choose Udemy vs Coursera and vice versa. With so many o...

machine learning is

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning for non-techs in 5 minutes When most people hear about Machine Learning (ML), an image appears in their heads similar to the one above. However...

The Deep Learning course by Andrew Ng

Coursera Deep Learning Specialization

Coursera Deep Learning Specialization with Andrew Ng Andrew’s Ng Coursera Deep Learning Specialization is one of the most famous Machine Learning Courses o...

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