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The best Artificial Intelligence books to make your mind wonder and empower you to think about AI and Machine Learning!

There are certain books about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, that leave aside most of the technical jibber-jabber and approach more philosophical or moral issues with the field, its trajectory and its goals.

They are great for poking your mind and inciting you to think out of the box, so that you can come up with your own opinion about what Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are and how they should be used. The following are some of our favourite books on this kind.

Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom

SuperIntelligence by Nick Bostrom pdf

SuperIntelligence, by Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom debates the issue of machines becoming more intelligent than humans in the near or not so near future. Will the day come when Machines reach the same level of intelligence as humans? If so, what will happen? These and other questions are some of the topics covered in this fantastic work. Don’t miss out on it! Read the full article.

How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil

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In How to Create a Mind, Ray Kurzweildirector of engineering at Google, exposes his theory of the functioning of the brain, based on the existence of hierarchical pattern recognisers, from which we project reality from its lowest level of abstraction to its highest dimension. 

Topics like the analogies between what goes on in our brains and the fundamental processes that sustain a wide variety of technologies, mainly machine learning based, like virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, or self driving cars are covered, among others, along with metaphysical issues like free will and us becoming cyborgs. Take a good look! Read the full article.

The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos

the master algorithm pedro domingos free pdf

The Master algorithm, by the AI researcher Pedro Domingos speaks about the five main families of Machine Learning, comparing them and analysing their pros, cons, and what they are missing. It unveils the ultimate goal of Machine Learning and how we are trying to reach it.

It is a book that is best enjoyed if you do have some knowledge of Machine Learning, if you do, yo will absolutely love it. Read the full article.

Surviving AI by Calum Chace

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Surviving AI: The promise and Peril of Artificial Intelligence, is a book by Calum Chace that gives an exhausting overview of many of the hot topics of today’s Artificial Intelligence ecosystem, and covers the topic of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Super-Intelligence in depth.

It is an excellent little book both for those with no experience in the field of AI, to whom it will serve as an introduction, and to those who are already familiar with it, to whom it will serve as a tool to visualise where we are going with all this, and a as call for awareness. Read the full article.

Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil

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Weapons of Math Destruction, by Cathy O’Neil is an artificial intelligence book that aims to show the dark side of the algorithms and machine learning systems that have become ubiquitous in our day to day life.

These software systems, which are meant to be tools to increase our overall quality of life, turn out to be flawed with biases and can lead to massive feedback loops that do nothing but further increase the misery of those affected by them.

In theory, these machine based decision systems should lead to a greater fairness, having everybody be judged according to the same rules, however O’Neil reveals that these systems are used in an unregulated, uncontested and opaque manner, which leads to more discrimination rather than more fairness.

Welcome to the dark side of Big Data. Welcome to the era of the Weapons of Math Destruction. Read the full article!

Prediction Machines: The Simple economics of AI

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Fun, full of examples, and very insightful and practical Prediction Machines follows its inescapable logic to explain how to navigate the changes on the horizon that Artificial Intelligence is opening up. It’s impact will be profound, so you better be ready for it.

For us, there is no better way to do this than by reading this profound yet surprisingly simple book. Enjoy it!

For business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts in Machine Learning and Data Science, this is a must read for people that want to understand how AI will impact our economies and the business world! Find the full review here!

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

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Unlike the rest of the books in this category, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern approach, is a little technical, as it is oriented for under-grads in engineering or computer science. This book, is the most popular and recommend Artificial Intelligence book in academia.

Written by the superlative Stuart Russel, also author of Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control ,in its more than 1000 pages it explores ALL of the concepts that surround the world of AI: Machine learning, Probability, the future of AI, its ethics, and awesome applications. Check out the review!

An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics, and AI

An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics and AI: 3 Mood Indigo: Bartoletti, Ivana: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

An Artificial Revolution is a book that is similar to Weapons of Math Destruction, but shorter, and covering some topics that are left untouched on the book by Cathy O’Neil.

This book is an eye-opening text for anyone who is not aware of how deep Artificial Intelligence is rooted into our life. It is very well structured, understandable, and comprehensive, even for people with no previous background on the topic.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to reshape our future for the good, but it also has a dark face, which should be tackled consciously and not be left aside. We are all part of this. Read on the full review!

Artificial Intelligence: A guide for thinking humans

artificial intelligence: a guide for thinking humans pdf free

Artificial Intelligence comprehensively explains the history of AI, the recent amazing achievements it has reached, its future, and the fears around it.

The book is an incredible overview of Artificial Intelligence and its surrounding world, telling stories about AI with a human touch, and a captivating engaging discurse. If you want to understand AI, know where it comes from, and where it is going, then this is the book for you. Read the full review!

Lastly, check out the following list of the best Artificial Intelligence books on Amazon. If you read any of them that we have not reviewed, and you want to contribute, feel free to email us at!

Thanks for reading How to learn Machine learning, have a fantastic day!

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