The Best Tool for Humanizing AI Text: vs

AI-generated content sounds a bit robotic!

That’s not what you exactly want when you are trying to convey information to your readers. Right?

If you want their 100% attention, you need to write human-friendly & relatable content. In simple words, you need to add a personal touch to AI-generated content to make it more natural & impactful.

This is where AI text humanizing tools come in! They can help you do just that.

I’ve picked two of the most popular AI content humanizers in the market, & 

Both tools promise to convert AI content into something that sounds like it was written by a real person. But which one delivers on that promise? 

Today, I’m going to put them head-to-head to see which one leads from the front. 

Continue reading this guide because I’ll dive into their features, functioning, & pros & cons. Let’s delve in!

  1.’s Text Humanizer 

The humanize ai text tool offered by helps writers humanize AI content. It utilizes advanced machine learning technology & natural language processing techniques to understand the context of writing & add a flair of human touch to make it sound more natural.

How does this tool work?

The interface of this text humanize tool is pretty simple. Let me walk you through the steps of humanizing text using

  1. Visit the tool 

First, I landed on their “Humanize AI Text” page by clicking this option. 

This specific layout appeared on my screen. 

  1. Feed the tool with AI-generated text 

At this step, I pasted the text crafted by ChatGPT into its input section. After that, I hit the “Humanize” button & waited for a couple of seconds. 

  1. Get the humanized text 

It humanized ChatGPT-generated content in seconds. 

This text humanizer tool allows users to copy the results or export it in the following formats:

  • Word 
  • PDF
  • TXT

That’s it! 


Humanizeaitext is an online tool that transforms AI-generated content into human text without changing the meaning & context. It crafts human-like text that’s free from robotic language. 

How does this tool work?

I followed these steps to humanize AI text using this tool:

  1. Open this tool

First, I visited this tool. This layout appeared. 

  1. Input the AI text

Here, I pasted the text into its input box. 

  1. Tap the “Humanize Text” icon

At this point, I hit the “Humanize Text” option & waited for the results. 

It took more time to humanize the text. 

  1. Get the results

It delivered text in this format. 

And when I clicked “Read More”, the tool landed me on the other page. 

This was the page.

Honestly speaking, it is a bit overwhelming as compared to Here, I didn’t see any copy or text export icon. 

Look at the humanized text hidden behind the pop-up saying: “Your content has bypassed all AI detectors!”

No copy/export option!


  • Contextual understanding 

To me, both text humanizers maintain the intended meaning of the text. They paraphrased text in such a way that the original meaning is preserved. To achieve this type of result, they used appropriate synonyms & sentence structures. brought the given text into shorter sentences without disturbing the intended message. I liked this functioning., on the other hand, understood the given content’s context & retained the core meaning of the text. But I wasn’t able to check all the sentences of the text due to the messy popup. However, the first sentence sounds human-friendly. 

  • Content simplification simplified the complicated terminologies & delivered simpler text. Take a sneak peek of the first line of AI-generated content.

It’s complex. 

Now check out the humanized version of this line by’s humanizer.

It split the first line of the text into two sentences. I can now easily grasp the message. I liked this function. 

Now, let’s discover the text simplification feature of 

It’s fair!

But not the simplified version. 

I’m putting this on you. Tell me which one of these two options is the best:

  1. Education is super important for both people and society.
  2. Education is vital in making it possible for a person’s development and that of society.

Obviously, you’ll vote in favor of “a).”

It is crafted by

  • User experience 

When I humanized AI text using, I didn’t face any overwhelming or messy ads that misled me. 

In fact, I enjoyed the navigation of this tool. It was a breeze!

View the minimalistic interface of the tool.

It’s super neat & clean.

Now, let me share you my user experience with

At first, the interface seemed user-friendly. 

When I hit the commanding button “Humanize”, it took more time that the to process the text. 

It put the humanized version of the text in a long bar where I was only able to see the first sentence. To read the entire text, I needed to click the “Read More” option. 

Additionally, I saw an add when I scrolled down.

When I tapped the “Read More” button, it put me on a new page where I couldn’t see the entire humanized text. 

The Battle Is Over! Which One Reigns Supreme? 

I’ve put both & to the test & I’ve shared my personal experience with you. 

Now, it’s your turn to decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

After giving both of these tools a try, I have to say that stands out from the other.

Its ability to retain context, simplify complicated information & bring clarity to the text is matchless. Plus, the interface of this tool is user-friendly. It made navigation a simple task for me. 

That being said, this online text humanizer has its own strengths & it’s definitely worth considering. Its approach to humanizing AI text has its advantages. 

Therefore, it’s a better choice for users like me. 

Ultimately, the choice between these two tools depends on your personal needs & preferences. If you prioritize maintaining context, improving text readability, & enjoy seamless navigation experience, then is the way to go. 

As always, thank you very much for reading How to Learn Machine Learning, and have a wonderful day!

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