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Independently of the field that you want to become a master at, be it finance, investing, or Machine Learning, every expert recommends having a mentor to help us walk through the long paved path of learning, which is specially hard at the beginning. In this article we will review the MentorCruise Platform, an awesome online mentoring platform focused on technology 1 on 1 lessons and guidance.

We think this kind of learning is the future, as university degrees and such become more and more obsolete, and getting a good job in a company shifts from having a CV filled with high university grades and good Msc to pure knowledge and skills. We’ve said it before, but we think online learning is the future, and platforms like this one are definitely a good step towards it.

What is MentorCruise?

In essence, MentorCruise is a marketplace that brings together students/graduates looking to better understand a wide variety of technical fields or to land a job in a tech company, or junior profesional looking to step up their game with elite mentors from some of the best institutions in the world.

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Some of the best online learning platforms, like Udacity, offer a really close mentorship on their courses or nano-degrees, which makes them stand out from the rest of the self-paced online courses, as you have an expert in whatever field you are studying devoted to helping you out, answering any questions you might have, or simply guiding you through the best path to learn.

Don’t quite get the grasp of the recurrent neural networks you just studied? That’s fine, your mentor will help you get through and understand them thoroughly. Want to learn about how Machine Learning and AI is applied in finance? There is a mentor for you too.

Through MentorCruise you can access a personalised 1 on 1 mentoring experience that can help you tackle a project, switch careers, find a new job, prepare interviews, or just keep you up to date on the field with top industry experts.

From Data Science and Machine Learning to Application Development and DevOps, MentorCruise has an insanely wide range of tutors available. You can probably best understand what it is about with this short video:

Find your Machine Learning or Data Science mentor and skyrocket your Learning Path!

How does it Work?

The concept behind MentorCruise is very easy: you choose a topic of learning, for example ‘Machine Learning‘, and all the available mentors that offer tuition on such subject will appear in a list.

A wide range of information about each mentor is given: Their industry experience, subjects of expertise, reviews from other students, etc… Also, their monthly price/fee is shown along with what this price includes.

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As you can see, different mentors have different prices and offer different services.

Most mentors offer a number of 1 on 1 calls per month (from 1 to 5 mostly), unlimited texting and email correspondence (the ones we’ve tried answer in a day or two at most).

A lot of mentors also include services such as researching material for the student to study, and sending the student exercises/challenges/mini-projects to complete in order to prove and asses their learning.

If you want to study an specific topic, like for example Natural Language Processing for Social Network Analysis, tell your tutor and he will guide you through it.

Lastly, all tutors come with a 7-day trial period so that you can both see if you are right for each other – the student can asses if he likes the methods of the mentor, and the mentor can asses if he has enough knowledge on the specific desire topic of the student in order to provide an excepcional mentorship.

Basically, you set the goal, and the mentor (and you too) work to get there.

How to Join MentorCruise?

Starting the MentorCruise journey is very easy. Just go to their website,, and get started.

Once you’ve created an account, simply search for your topic of interest and start browsing through the hundreds of mentors until you find one that you like.


Once you’ve found him/her, you will have to apply to their mentorship, which requieres you to fill in a little form with the details of what you want to learn, and what you expect from the mentorship.

This form will go directly to the mentor, and if he has room available, likes your goals, and thinks he can do a good job, will accept you as a student, starting your 7-day free trial where you will be able to asses the teacher before making any commitment or payment.

We would advice you to be picky on the tutors – they are not cheap, and despite being all great professionals some of them might suit you better than others, so don’t feel bad if you leave one after the 7 day trial in order to look for another one which you think might be better for you.

Is MentorCruise Worth it?

We love free resources: we think having a high quality piece of information available to everybody is an excellent way of providing value to society. However, there are some services that because of their quality, nature, or differentiation have to come at a cost.

If we could choose what to spend our money on, instead of taking a paid online course, which many times leaves students with the feeling of not having learnt enough, don’t actually have the specific contents the student was looking for, or don’t provide any value that could not be learn online otherwise, we would definitely choose something like MentorCruise: a couple of our team members at How to Learn Machine Learning are already considering taking a mentor.

The personalised one on one experience that a high experienced industry expert can provide, goes much further than what an online course or articles on Medium can provide. Don’t get us wrong, we love online courses and Medium: we’ve taking and will keep on taking numerous Machine Learning online courses, and we devour Medium every day, but MentorCruise is just a step further in the learning hierarchy.

So yes, for us, if you can afford it, it is definitely worth it.

As you have a 7-day free trial we recommend checking it out for yourself in order to see how it really works and how good the mentors us.

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Conclusion and additional resources

In this article we’ve reviewed what MentorCruise is, and given our initial opinion about it. As we dive deeper into the platform and our team members try out different Mentors, we will keep publishing more post and articles about how to make the most of it. For further information check out the following resources:

That is all, we hope you have a fantastic day, and find an awesome Data Science Mentor at MentorCruise!

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