An Artificial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence Discrimination and Politics

Artificial Intelligence Discrimination: How can this happen? Learn all about it with this insightful little book.

Artificial Intelligence discrimination: an artificial revolution on power politics and ai book review

Review of An Artificial Revolution: On Power Politics and AI

The following is a review of the book An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics and AI (Mood Indigo) by Ivana Bartoletti. (Twitter Account here)

Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous. Without most people knowing it, they are constantly interacting and being evaluated by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, with applications that range from our phones Siri to loan approval softwares.

Despite being one of the main drivers of the technological revolution we are living, Artificial Intelligence must be used with care, as facing its possible benefits stand numerous threats: Artificial Intelligence Discrimination, the transformation of labour, and societal manipulation, as we have seen with the Cambridge Analytica presidential campaign influence and other similar events.

In An Artificial Revolution AI expert and consultant Ivana Bartoletti explores the urgent existential threat that artificial intelligence poses to international social justice. In the end, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are based and get most of their power from Data, which leads to a couple of consequences.

First, a new job ‘category’ of low wage labour being paid pennies to manually go through piles and piles of data, carefully look at it, and labelling it for its use in Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Secondly, the data that we use, has been produced by our data-driven societies, picking up its biases, and dynamics. While there are ways to reduce the Bias in Artificial Intelligence, if the data that algorithms are trained with is biased, the final output will be too.

This book brings lights into these issues and more, calling for attention on how Artificial Intelligence should be better understood, regulated, and treated ethically, by governments, big, and small corporations.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and all these massive enterprises drive our decision making through the advertisements they offer us, without anyone noticing. Legislation is years behind on AI related issues. Populism is being awakened by Social network manipulation and Artificial Intelligence Discrimination is far from being erased.

To discover just how this is happening, and what could be done about it, read this wonderful little book, that is comprehensive, balanced, and accesible to everyone, incorporating the sources of all the information that is given.

An Artificial Revolution Artificial Intelligence discrimination

Summary of An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics, and AI.

This book is an eye-opening text for anyone who is not aware of how deep Artificial Intelligence is rooted into our life. It is very well structured, understandable, and comprehensive, even for people with no previous background on the topic, however, we feel that those that have a little insight into how AI and Machine Learning work will enjoy it more, as they will also be able to reach additional conclusions to those that are offered on the book.

Overall, it is a shout out for how we should play proper attention to societal concerns around discrimination and inequality derived from the use of AI, covering many AI bias examples, and cases of Artificial Intelligence Discrimination.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to reshape our future for the good, but it also has a dark face, which should be tackled consciously and not be left aside. We are all part of this.

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An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics and AI (Mood Indigo)
  • Bartoletti, Ivana (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 156 Pages - 10/01/2020 (Publication Date) - The Indigo Press (Publisher)

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