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The Best Python Coding Practice sites

Level up your practice, prepare for interviews, or just compete with this list of Python coding practice sites!

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One question we get asked a lot is: when I’m learning a programming language, how do I make sure that I’m understanding all the concepts and learning how to implement them. In other words, what are the best ways to practice?

There is a very easy answer for this questions: program. Code. Sit in-front of your computer a build a project that you might find interesting, or just write small programs that do stuff that you like.

If you, however, don’t have the imagination or the will do to this, there are specific python coding practice sites where you can tests your skills and effectively keep learning. Lets check them out!

Our top 4 Python practice websites

Codewars – The battleground of python coding websites

Python coding practice sites

Codewards is the first site we will take about. Here at how to learn Machine learning we love it. With a Gamified approach, Codewars allows you to practice Python coding but also an infinite amount of other languages like C, SQL, Java, PHP, and many others.

It has many different types of practice: you can practice by yourself and choose many different types of exercises by their target focus (Numpy, lists, Pandas, algebra and many more), difficulty, or popularity. Also, you can battle or ‘spar’ against other rivals, taking turns in refactoring and improving code.

It is a very complete python coding practice site where you can get a lot of fluency for your exams/interviews.

The previous is an example of one of the many python coding questions you can find in the platform, which gives out answers and comments from other users.

HackerRank – the go to site for Python interview questions

HackerRank is one of the most popular coding practice sites of the moment. Unlike Codewars which is mainly oriented on individual practice by data science or coding practitioners, HackerRank is the market-leading technical assessment and remote interview solution for hiring developers.

This means that it is one of the top Python Programming websites uses by companies to test their possible candidates, so it even has an specific Python Interview Question Practice category.

Example of a Python interview question

HackerRank has a discussion and forum branch where you can discuss questions with other peers and find the solutions to the different problems. Also, it has very detailed questions with a very nice IDE for coding.

Datacamp – Learn and practice Python at the same time

python practice websites

Datacamp is another site that is awesome for practicing Python or SQL. Although it is mainly a website with courses and tutorials to learn anything related to data, it also has a section where you can practice what you learn in the different courses.

python programming practice sites

As you can see above, the number of practice categories is huge, and you can find questions on many different fields of the Python language.

Leetcode – A professionally crafted python coding practice site

python coding practice sites

The last Python coding practice websites we will see is Leetcode. Like HackerRank it is one of the most used sites for companies that are hiring to evaluate possible candidates.

With over 2300 questions for you to practice, it constitutes one of the largest tech communities with hundreds of thousands of active users where you can participate in our contests to challenge yourself and earn rewards.

the best python coding practice sites

Leetcode supports 10 different programming languages, and it is one of the most used sites to screen candidates for Data Science / Machine Learning positions. If you are looking to practice in order to land a new job, Leetcode is definitely one of the best sites to go to.

Summary of the best python coding practice sites

In this article we have seen 4 of the best Python coding practice sites. These a great resources to go and prepare interviews, exams, or just to practice for fun and test your skills.

As always, we hope it was useful, and that you find yourself using them to enhance your skills, which is just what we want to help you with at How to Learn Machine Learning.

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Lastly, if you want to keep learning and complementing your knowledge, aside from practicing on these great python coding websites, you can check out these other resources:

Check them out, have a great day, and keep learning!

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