How Has Machine Learning Changed the Writing Industry?

How Has Machine Learning Changed the Writing Industry?

Machine learning is actually a subsidiary of artificial intelligence. It is used to find a hidden pattern in data masses. 

Machine learning is one of the most advanced technologies and is being used in almost every booming industry around the world. 

In the past few years, you can easily see the application of this technology in different industries, including healthcare, retail, etc.

After recent developments, machine learning has also started leaving its footprints in the content marketing industry. 

Here in this post, we are going to discuss in detail how machine learning has changed or affected the writing industry in this short period. 

How Is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Changing the Content Writing Industry?

Today you can find hundreds of online writing tools using AI & machine learning algorithms. 

Because of these tools, we have seen many writers question the security of their careers. 

Some writers are also of the view that machine learning will someday replace their jobs. 

Well, this is not true, and AI-powered tools can never replace professional writers, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot provide assistance.

Today machine learning tools like article generators, summarizers, and sentence rephraser tools are commonly being used by writers for assistance. 

Here are a few valuable changes in the AI tools in the writing industry:

Get Help Tackle Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is when a writer goes blank about what he has to write. 

These tools can help you get rid of writer’s block. 

There are many tools that can provide writers with content ideas, taglines, headings, subheadings, keywords, and other marketing angles which can help them write. 

A professional content writer has many qualities. 

One of the top ones is the ability to be creative. 

It doesn’t matter how professional and experienced a writer is; writer’s block can hit at any time. 

There can be many reasons behind writer’s block; you might be unrested, have written hundreds of words worth of content on the same topic, have a short deadline, etc. 

You must have to enter a relevant query, search phrase, or title and get relevant results that could help you in your writing journey. 

You don’t have to spend much time on research and reading anymore. 

AI tools can provide you with all kinds of relevant data.

Assistance in Rephrasing Old Content

Not so long before, writers had to manually rewrite old top-performing articles to engage their target audience. 

Manual rephrasing text is not only time taking but also requires a lot of effort, and still, there remains a chance of having similarities with the original draft. 

Modern AI machine-learning tools can assist writers in repurposing their old articles.

With an AI build online paraphrasing tool, you can easily rephrase your old posts in a unique way. 

The modern article rephraser tool is very easy to use and can literally paraphrase an old post in less than seconds. 

This helps writers save both their time and energy.

Online paraphrasing tools use AI and NLP technology which makes them capable of creating new content based on an old draft without compromising the original content. 

All you have to do is enter the old post/passage in the input box of the rephraser and click on the ‘paraphrase’ button.

The tool would analyze the context of the input text and would rewrite it in a unique style in the output box. 

You can copy the new text from there and check it for plagiarism and other technical issues

Automated Content Optimization 

In the past, writers had to put in manual efforts to optimize their content according to the requirements of the search engine. 

Today machine learning and language processing tools are being used to get content optimization suggestions. 

These tools can suggest to a writer which keywords have a good search volume and are relevant to the niche you are targeting. 

The tools can also help writers find content written on the same topic/title. 

With online machine learning tools, a writer can find out which topics would perform well in the search ranks of Google. 

Easy Production of Content Capital

The content writing industry has changed because of machine learning tools because they can help marketers create fresh content capital on a short deadline. 

For many businesses, it is not easy to hire a dedicated content production team. 

With the help of an AI content generator tool, they can create content capital in the blink of an eye. 

AI content generator tools can create short descriptions, posts, and thin content without any hassle. 

They can also give writers an idea or jump start on the topic they want to write on. 

But know that these tools cannot be trusted with the production of error-free long-form content.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Machine Learning Tools?

There are tons of positive impacts of modern machine learning and AI-powered tools in the content marketing industry, but you must know that you must never depend too much on these online tools. 

Natural creativity and human value have no comparison with modern tech and tools. 

This is because the results of these online tools depend on the data they have on their backend and also the accuracy of algorithms.

These tools required constant updates and upgrades in order to assist or, in some cases, replace writers. 

Contact need for improvements and evolvement is the biggest drawback of these online tools.

Bottom Line

Machine learning has changed the writing industry in both good and bad ways. 

Some people use it for assistance to improve their original creations, whereas some use it to steal the work of other people and customize it as their own. 

The bottom line is that these tools are there to assist writers and content marketers in their work and cannot replace them. 

An example of these online tools is just like the modern ‘cruise control’ feature in automobiles. 

They can automate a writer’s work, but they would always remain in the driver’s seat. 

You can see the use of AI and machine learning in many tools, including:

  • AI content generators
  • Heading Optimizers
  • Title Generators
  • Paraphrasing tools
  • Grammar and spell checkers
  • Readability enhancement tools

You can find and try these tools online for free. It is best that you use them and see how they can help you in different stages of content writing.

As always, thank you very much for reading How to Learn Machine Learning.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy AI!


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